The Undressed Society


Submissions are OPEN May 15 2024 @12pm PST and CLOSE June 15 2024 @11:59pm PST.

The Undressed Society has partnered with our magazines, Poetry Undressed, and Literature Undressed to release a quarterly print magazine containing the very best of submissions to both sites. To visit these sites see the links below.
For Poetry click here
For Literature, including book reviews, and essays click here

Our submissions for novels and novellas published through The Undressed Society Publishing House are currently closed.

We accept:
Creative Non-Fiction
Short Stories
Short Screenplays
Book Reviews
Please do not send us your work if it contains harmful content or hate speech towards members of our society.

Poetry and Prose Submissions

**Note that failure to follow submission guidelines will result in your work being overlooked**

Maximum 5 pages for poetry. Poets may submit a maximum of 3 poems, totalling 5 pages.
Maximum 10 pages for prose.
All poetry must be submitted properly formatted. 12 point font, single spaced. Double spacing will be counted as exposed lines.
All prose must be submitted in 12 point font, single spaced.
PDF's will NOT be accepted. Please submit your work in a word, pages, or google docs format.
All submitted work must have a name and title at the top of each page.
When submitting, please title your email subject line with the theme and year. Example: TEXTURE 2023

Please be reminded that while The Undressed Society is dedicated to supporting the expression of self, we will NOT tolerate hateful works of any kind. This includes but is not limited to, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.

Poems in all languages are encouraged. However, we ask that an English translation accompany the original piece.

Note: As we recieve a large amount of submissions regularly, we will only contact those chosen for publication.

Artwork Submissions

Artwork submissions are OPEN May 15 2024 @12pm PST and CLOSE June 15 2024 @11:59pm PST.

Theme: Resistance

Please submit artwork in the highest quality PDF posssible. 
All artwork submissions must adhere to guidelines, failure to follow guidelines will result in your submission being overlooked. 
Rules for submissions include: no racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, hatespeech, harmful words and/or messages.

Submission guidelines:
1. Follow the theme of the submission period
2. Attach your submissions in SEPERATE high quality PDF's 
3. Include your name and a brief artist statement, including where you are from/currently reside (country is fine)
4. Give written approval for publication within your email
5. Subject line reads the submission themeyear-artwork. Ex. OPEN 2023-ARTWORK

Please send submissions to

Novel and novella Submissions

Please submit your work in standard manuscript format. Click here for guidelines on formatting. 
We also ask that you include a short authors biography as well as a synopsis of your work.
Please triple check that your submission contains all of the required information, we want to be able to contact you!

We at USPH care deeply about our enviornment, and we also understand how expensive printing can be, because of this we ask that authors please send us their work via email, drop box, or google docx sharing. If you are submitting with drop box or google docx sharing please make sure there is no password on the document, or make sure to include the password in your email. If this is not possible you may also send your work by mail, please email with the subject line [MAILING ADDRESS] to discuss how to send your work.

Send submissions by email to
Mailing address coming soon.

Once You Have Submitted

As we are unable to estimate the number of submissions we will be receiving, and are a small team, please be patient with us. Once you have submitted your work you will receive a conformation email within 72 hours of reception. If you do not receive a conformation email, please resend your submission. *This does not apply for mailed submissions, please check the estimated mailing waits and follow up accordingly.*