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The Undressed Societies Quarterly Magazine combines all the greatest parts of Poetry Undressed and Literature Undressed. Featuring authors and artists from all around the world, this magazine is a must-have for literary lovers.


The Writers Guidebook

The Writers Guidebook is The Undressed Society’s very own custom notebook for the creative writer. With three designs to choose from and more on the way, these guidebooks are perfect for writers who want to customize their writing experience. Designed with neurodivergent minds at the forefront of creation for these guidebooks, they are designed to help the procrastinators, the million ideas-a-minute creators, the “I don’t want to write today” writers. These are not simply notebooks, they are learning tools and a guiding resource meant to help writers elevate their work to the next level.

Content: Free write pages, writing workshops dedicated to the foundations of strong creative writing, workshop exercises to enhance writing skills, reading logs, mental health check-ins, note pages, self-appreciation check-ins

Limited Edition Guidebooks

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