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Submissions are OPEN May 15 2024 @12pm PST and CLOSE June 15 2024 @11:59pm PST. Theme: Resistance.In the wake of the genocide of Palestinians being carried about by Israel, we ask for submissions surrounding the...


For inquiries about submissions please send our Editor-in-Chief, Isabelle, an email at with the headline [INQUIRIES]. We can also be reached through direct messaging on social media. See our social media tabs below to...


The Undressed Society Publishing House is dedicated to bringing Canadian works to the world and international works to Canada.

We are the home of Poetry Undressed and Literature Undressed, an online magazine and print magazine dedicated to creating safe spaces for authors around the globe.

Our Mission

Born out of the fire of Poetry Undressed came The Undressed Society Publishing House. As a writer herself, our founder and Editor in Chief discovered firsthand the elitism that plagues the publishing community. One must be a certain type, fit into a certain standard, and sing a certain song in order to bring their final work in front of the jury. As our community of poets began to expand across the globe (currently spanning 14 countries), and eventually led to the birth of a new community, Literature Undressed, we felt empowered to go even further.

Our mission is to do what we have done for so many already with our international magazines. To create a safe space for authors of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexual orientations to be heard. To allow for those who may struggle with seen and unseen disabilities the chance to shout from the tops of mountains words that might otherwise never be heard.

As a Canadian company, we reside in a vast country, filled with diversity and millions of stories to tell, yet Canadian authors still seem to be hiding in the background. A constant shadow has been cast upon us from below, putting out the light which should be shining on so many northern talents. For our Canadian sisters, brothers, and gender non-conforming siblings, we hope to open a space where Indigenous creators, members of the LGBTQA+, and those with disabilities may feel welcomed. Our goal is to share your stories, the way you want them to be heard. Canada needs to hear your voices, the world needs to hear your voices.

And for our family spread in each and every corner of the globe, Canada aches to hear from you. We are a country that prides itself on our diversity, yet looking through the shelves it is still few and far between.

Simply put, we hope to bring more Canadian authors to Canada and the world. We hope to bring more international works to Canada. And most importantly, we hope to create a safe network across the globe of authors and readers, who want to change the world one book at a time.

The Undressed Magazines

The Undressed Magazines will no longer run as print publications. Poetry Undressed will still house our featured poetry, while Literature Undressed has been transitioned into a resource for writers. Our new quarterly magazine will combine all the greatest elements of both Poetry Undressed and Literature Undressed while releasing under the Undressed Society title.

Issue #002 Out Now

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Out Now

The Writers Guidebook is The Undressed Society's very own custom notebook for the creative writer. With three designs to choose from and more on the way, these guidebooks are perfect for writers who want to customize their writing experience.

Designed with neurodivergent minds at the forefront of creation for these guidebooks they are designed to help the procrastinators, the million ideas a minute creators, the "I don't want to write today" writers. 

These are not simply notebooks, they are learning tools and a guiding resource meant to help writers elevate their work to the next level. So lets get writing and create something beautiful together. 

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